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"White Space Story" by Ava Petal Pahlavan

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

The Tree is Fragile

Don’t touch

Don’t call out

They’re sensitive

Be nice

Keep your thoughts

To yourself

No one asked 

Why share

Don’t get me wrong

Your feelings are valid

But no one asked

No one wants to hear

Save your breath

For when it matters

When they’re listening 

In a reasonable manner 

                                                          Have a conversation 

                                                        You have a point

                                                      Just save your breath

                                                   The trees are fragile

                                                  You might need it

                                              Just save your breath

                                           For someone who asked 

                                      Then we can focus on this tree 

                                         And forget all the fighting 

                                           Because if we’re all fighting 

Mother Nature won’t be happy

                                                   And do you really want t                                                   o

Se                                      e 

W                                                                                      ha                                  

                                      t                                                  W                                       ou   

             ld                                                                          Ha                                                            


                           e                                                                n Th                          e                                        n           

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