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"A Modern Cinderella" by Joelle Joyner-Wong

Once upon a time.. No wait.. That is too generic. This is different. 

It all started when my mother and father went on a vacation to London. My mother is an actress, and my dad is a playwright. They were traveling to London to promote my father's new play which is on Broadway. My mother is the star of a very popular Broadway show. While my mom and dad are away at work, I am at home being taken care of by my nanny named Lucinda. She is like a second mother to me except in her early 20s.

My parents go into a huge plane crash coming home from London. I was eight years old. Things got worse when my evil aunt came and took custody over me with my two evil cousins. There were no more playtimes with Lucinda, and no more fun musical nights with my parents. Now Lucinda and I were the house maids, and they were the new royalties of the palace. 

Ten years later… I am 18 years old, a senior in high school, and I am about to go to college. I still live in the upper side of Brooklyn in our beautiful apartment suite. The bad news is I am treated like a maid in my own house. 

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