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"Unbelievable Claims from Microsoft and Sony" by Luke Gover

It has been nearly seven years since the two gaming console giants have released an entirely new generation of consoles. Since then, there have been many updates to the older version but nothing groundbreaking. The Xbox Series X (not to be confused with the Xbox One X) and the PlayStation 5 are predicted to be released this holiday season, effectively ending the last generation of “console wars”. Overall it would be difficult to argue that Sony did not win the battle. Worldwide the PlayStation has nearly triple the amount of sales compared to the Xbox. In the United States, the PlayStation just barely beats out the Xbox sales wise, which is still devastating considering the dominance the Xbox once had in gaming. It is clear that Microsoft needed to change their approach for the next generation if they wanted to remain relevant as a gaming console producer. 

Much like in 2013 both consoles are predicted to have just about the same hardware specifications, although the output for these appear to be fabled. I say fabled because Microsoft and Sony have made some extremely bold claims with respect to the gaming ability of their consoles, and some of the major components such as the GPU have yet to be released. Apparently each console is supposed to allow for gaming at an 8k resolution and 120-240 frames per second, including what is called ray-tracing which dramatically changes lighting effects to be more realistic. These outputs are definitely doable, but not at the price points that are being predicted. The best estimates for prices of each console appear to be around $500.00, meaning something does not add up. 

In order to currently build a PC with the gaming ability that these consoles claim, one would need to start off with an RTX Graphics Card or something similar. These currently cost around $800.00 USD, already far more than the predicted price points and down one component down. Except as mentioned earlier, the GPUs these consoles plan on utilizing are not even released, yet they are predicted to be around $1000.00 when they are. That still leaves the CPU, SSD, and other components to be figured out. The conclusion? Either someone is lying (which is likely, we’ve seen beefed up specifications with consoles before), or be ready to receive an unbelievable deal on hardware the likes of which have yet to be affordable to the regular public.

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