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"To the Fire" by Bella Nolen

My resolve, as my body – slain. On my knees begging, Branding Iron – incinerate my thighs, hear my pleas; my cries. Wash over me, blood-stained rain! And I-- bid farewell to Him; my lies. My disguise – Expired.

My neck- Prey to your infernal flicks. Victim, I am – afraid, once! – no longer. Sear, singe and scald me – scar! Hungry insufferable flame!

I am nothing no more.

Shackles of red and orange, Angry! --spitting tongue that waltzes among my exterior, Pull me under, till I am nothing but engulfed. The sharp, stinging burn that blights me inferior To myself.

Set me ablaze, brighter than cosmic combustion, Fleeting, riveting, dancing. Eat me up and drink! Prance on my skin! Take me! - A slave to the embers upon which I burn.

Fire, take me, till I have left you my blackened, bereft bones. Swallow me whole, leave nothing behind, Know that in the end, I don’t belong to mine’s own,Doubtless! Devour me, deceitful flames.

I open my limbs to you, thoughtless to atone.

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