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"There's Iron In My Blood" by Tiernan Buchanan

It runs in the family, there's iron in my blood. expectations feel short, I'm considered a dud.

Not cast from the mold of my siblings admired, cast aside as the slag unfit for the fire.

Though slag I may be, I'm still good enough. Weak steel can be folded, reworked, made tough.

came back from the ashes, my thirst quenched by oil. My new path is different, now voided of toil.

Traditions aren't set in less than a day, but traditions are made when you do it your way.

I've forged a new path, a path of wrought iron. My family accepts me, so no longer I yearn.

Rekindled the kiln of the kin I've sought after, what you do with your life,

is your choice,

you're the master.

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