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The Power of Portrait: Jaden Fuhrer Photography

"I want my art to last and to leave a footprint in the world of photography."

Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, Jaden Fuhrer is a self taught film photographer. At the age of sixteen, he began to take photos on his digital camera he had saved up for.

Although he lacked technical experience, Fuhrer swiftly recogznied his passion for taking photos and befriended others with similiar vocations to better refine his own skills.

By watching not only photographers, but the nature of everyday people, Fuhrer's fascination for photography pivoted into the art of film photography.

"I started shooting 35mm film a year ago and I fell in love with it instantly. I soon traded my digital camera (Sony a7rii) for a Mamiya RZ67 which is a medium format digital camera from the 70s. I still use that camera today and I don't think I will ever go back to shooting digital outside of commercial work."

"I get a lot of my inspiration from other photographers and their work as well as other mediums of art. Three photographers specifically that inspire me are Aria Shahrokhshahi (@ariamark), Rosie Matheson (@rosie_matheson), and my friend Christian Benoit (@cbshoots). These artists truly inspire me due to the message and story that is visible in each image. I strive to create that same sense of feeling and emotion in my photography."

"Personally, I know that I have a lot of room to grow as a photographer and I am always willing to learn from my contemporaries and peers. My ultimate goal is to be create images that will make an impact on someone or evoke the strongest emotions from people."

"My hope for my future in photography is to end up being a freelance fashion photographer as well as have personal projects on the side like making a photo book for sale."

For more of Jaden's work, check out his instagram @jadenfuhrer.

edited by Noelle S. Dahl (2020).

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