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"The Moon" by Katherine Breeher

There is nothing left for me here

I have no goodbyes to say.

So I reach out to the moon.

My body leaves the ground, without a single glance backwards. The higher I fly

the more my misery, my loneliness, my pain fades away.

Shedding like the skin of a snake.

She greets me like an old friend, the moon. Hugs me with her soft white glow.

I float along her surface like a butterfly and

the stars above twinkle at me.

Surrounded by millions of mute friends,

stars listen better than any human could.

The gray dust billows in powdery clouds around my feet as I dance for the first time.

I’ve made my home where I belong, laying alone in the shadows.

no pain

no misery

no fear

just blissful silence.

I could sleep in it forever.

Hide me on the dark side of the moon.

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