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“The Green One” by Jeffrey Aviña

A bit of fresh air

Can do wonders for the should.

Like most things in the world,

Air needs to flow in and

Flow out so that it can go

About the day free from

Whatever plagued it the day before.

Seeing the day at its

Conception can bring

A new understanding to rebirth.

Because for as long as time has been,

We have seen the world

Create itself anew from the

Remnants of the day before,

While we bring new things into

Existence every day.


Why is it,

That we feel the need to put

Ourselves into states of mind

That only places hardship onto our

Already weary shoulders.

I wish that I could be

Like this green giant that I call home,

Too be able to take

The mistakes of yesterday and

Construct a new day,

A new me,

For my already crazed mind

To destroy again.

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