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"The Bucket List" by Emma Landry

See the Northern Lights

The lights reflect upon the ocean, shooting back up into the sky in a symphony of color. The hypnotic waves of light have me in trance and I notice my body slightly swaying with the motion of the colors. They expand in a display of colored movement right before my eyes and I tug the blanket closer to my body. The deep brown of my eyes reflect the blues and greens in the air around me and I’m stuck thinking about the depth of the universe -- the concept of infinity and where it begins and ends. At least, that’s how I imagine it. 

Drink Champagne in Champagne, France

The meta reality I’m existing in has not been lost on me. In the hills of France I sit at a compact circular table with a thin, fragile glass in my hand, filled halfway to the top with tiny bubbles pouring to the top from some imaginary beginning at the depth of the glass. There’s rows upon rows of vines tangling around themselves in the scene below me, appearing to spread right to the horizon. As the light buzz in my body steadily grows, the sun is setting beyond the hills, painting an orange ombre in the sky. At least, that’s how I imagine it.

See Vermont in Fall

Bright-colored leaves crunch under my shoes. I’m surrounded by a real-life Monet. The shades of orange, red, and yellow surrounded a serene crystal-clear pond. A mother duck and three of her babies cross the middle to swim across to the other side as leaves lightly drift to the ground around them. Thoreau’s Walden is in my left hand, while my right is clutching a blanket to lay on for the afternoon. Blurs of orange and yellow slip through my line of sight and a cold breeze causes a chill to buzz through my body. At least, that’s how I imagine it.

Visit New York at Christmas Time

Tiny snowflakes flow to the ground and begin to gather up into tiny piles around the street. The lights of Times Square reflect back up from the small snow crystals and it seems at this moment that the entire world is lit up. The tree in Rockefeller Center has a light dusting of snow on its limbs and the lights are shimmering with Christmas spirit. People are holding hands as they struggle to hold themselves upright on their ice skates and everything is bustling with New York sound. At least, that’s how I imagine it.

See the Magic Bus

Christopher McCandless was the subject of the book and movie Into the Wild, where his final destination was this old, blue bus out in the Alaskan wilderness. The hike to get here was arduous, but well worth seeing the words etched into the wood of the table in the bus. It is the bringing to life of a concept. I can smell the trees through the broken windows as my finger graze the engraved Emerson quote. This is where the life of one of someone I admire so dearly both began and ended. I sit outside and take in the simple complexity of my surroundings. At least, that’s how I imagine it.

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