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"rel8able queer experiences" by Katie Romiti

Talk to me about the wanting. Subtle gazes

faces lit by streetlights

green, then yellow, then red Half a thought of

kissing them

here, or on the beach, or in the car warm and safe and cozy

but breaklights stoplights red lights my loving you would be unwanted.

I am told that I am obvious

my eyes lingering on lips

but maybe that’s only with men.

The power of the queer mind

is that no one has the confidence

to think the other person wants it too.

So maybe, yes, as we buckle in to the last roller coaster ride of the night cool summer air

blowing off the ocean

and i feel breathless

and alive

and i see your gently parted lips

smiling as the ride starts

lifting us up

swinging us around

yes, maybe I am not so subtle

but I am locked in by metal bars

and by the knowledge that we spent

the last four hours talking about boys

so it doesn’t matter, anyway.

I wonder, haphazardly, what would have happened if instead of admitting i’m an adrenaline


i lied, said i was scared of heights

Would you have held my hand?

Would we have spent the night on the shore instead water on our feet

love, in our hearts?

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