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Poem by Abel Avalos

Connections are made at the atomic level 

the subconscious makes, breaks, and controls chemical bonding 

Impulse and instincts become calculated interactions 

subcutaneous decisions under the surface

Is it worth it are we worthless?

This some earth shit

terraforming with the masses, serotonin, cytokinesis physical neurosis all consuming 

transmittal with this gender nonconformist, noncommittal - pro reformist 

Chops that snap back with this hemotosis;

oxygen back in my lungs shwacked dumb with an emotional rollercoaster, the abyss that’s never ending 

connective tissue remiss of our relationship pending

How did you rid yourself of these self-fulfilling prophecies?

Remove my higher self from mental aristocracy, 

Surrounded by these walls can’t show insecurity 

My souls biosecurity is when the cortisol hits

Forgetfulness, guilt trips 

reconstructed justice in our healing metamorphosis 

My unrecognized devotion to rooted change 

Endure your burning waxes, transmitted Baptist’s epiphany of gods words spoken so timidly 

The writings were always scripture 

Wasn't love always handwritten 

I keep struggling with this imagery

In recovery, summoning the strength to continue on this journey of self discovery

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