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"Morte" by Shelby Liddicoet

The horror overtook me as I stared down at the body below. It was lying face down in the snow. Ice was already beginning to creep up the limbs slowly and methodically encasing the body in its tomb. “No one will find me out here,” I said aloud. I could no longer feel the chill in the around me. I couldn’t comprehend what happened a few moments ago. I wanted to run, run as far away as my legs would carry me, but my body wouldn’t listen to my commands, for this was as far as my legs would carry me. I sank to my knees. I couldn’t feel the sting of the bitter cold that clawed through the fresh powder all around me. It was as if all feeling had left me. I plunged my face into the snow hoping to ingest the cold into my system, but again I felt nothing.

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