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"Moments of Mental Health II" by Becca DeMent

Moments of Mental Health is a series created to offer small digestible excerpts about mental health and offer friendly ways of healing and thinking about the self. Short pieces of work offer a brief and easily understandable point that can be meditated on for a day and offer a piece to the thousand-piece puzzle of self-reflection.

Constant and Conscious:

Here’s the thing about mental health: it's fluid. Some days are better, and some days are worse, but that means to get better you need to work every day in order to improve. Improving one's mental health requires a ​constant​ and ​conscious​ effort. Every day matters. That doesn’t mean being perfect all the time. Every day there are dozens of micro-moments where mindfulness and positive self-talk help reinforce whatever you’re working on. Progress is possible multiple times a day, and “failure” is inevitable. Reminder: there is no “failure” when dealing with mental health. There may be ten opportunities a day to catch yourself, reverse, do the work, make the progress, say the positive thing. At first, maybe you only act on it ​once​ out of those ten times. That is fantastic progress! Tomorrow maybe two times. Next week maybe still two times. Maybe in two months, five times out of the day where your mental health was low and usually struggled, you loved yourself. Imagine half the time your mental health struggled, you can love yourself because of constant practice. This isn’t to say there’s a “tracking system” for your mental health, rather than every day you can change yourself one decision at a time. Little by little you reverse the cycle, change the habit. Eventually, after moments put in day after day after day, it’ll become true. One day after feeding yourself the positive narrative you deserve, one spoonful at a time, it’ll just be true. You’ll genuinely believe it and feel it for yourself, but it takes a ​constant​ and ​conscious​ effort. You have to remember to try. Every day, seek the moments where you feed yourself the negative self-talk which is untrue, and try telling yourself, simply, boldly, and truthfully, the words and beliefs of self-love.

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