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"Miracle Cure for CTE" by Luke Gover

CTE stands for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, and it is a neurodegenerative disease that is brought on by consistent head trauma. CTE has grown in its infamy after a Boston University study found that 110 out of 111 brains of deceased American Football players brains were found to be affected by CTE. Although these players did not play with nearly the same level of equipment utilized by even more local, less funded leagues, this brought on a series of studies that attempted to sway people to stop supporting America's most popular sport. 

Speaking of CTE, Antonio Brown has been a deep thorn in the side of many NFL players, owners, coaches, fans, and sports commentators. Antonio Brown was once one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, making extraordinary plays and becoming an integral part of the Pittsburgh Steelers offense for years. After controversy brewed between Brown and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, Brown was benched which caused him to request a trade in order to leave the Steelers organization. Since then, Antonio Brown has been the center of attention around the league. Brown had small stints with the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, but eventually the owners simply could not stomach his antics any longer, such as when he refused to stop wearing an older style football helmet that was banned by the league. A few more incidents since his falling out with the Steelers include calling Stephen A. Smith an “uncle tom”, accusing Ben Roethlisberger of rape, allegedly wrecking the inside of a condo, sexual assault allegations, and countless confusing Tweets.

In February, a video surfaced of Antonio Brown being struck in the head with gym equipment after finishing a set on the bench press. Brown’s closest colleagues assured us that there was nothing to worry about, and denied any allegations of exacerbated CTE. Not long after this incident, Brown even issued an apology to many of those he hurt around the league. During an interview with a TheFluxMagazine reporter, Brown could be quoted saying:

“Alas, I have seen the error in my ways. I am completely apologetic regarding the path of utter destruction I created. Henceforth upon this moment, I wish to declare my previous statements meritless while adding that my personal emotions of impotence were indispensable, unexcusable, yet finally reconciled.”

When asked whether Brown would make a return to the NFL, the once star receiver replied,

“Notions regarding my reinstatement to gridiron are to be dismissed immediately. Similar to the case with my companion Robert Gronkowski, common media outlets will attempt to carry on a fallacious narrative to add to their coffers. The major fault of profit-driven media is difficult to remedy, nonetheless there are liberties at stake if the issue is not resolved. I digress…”

Brown went on for hours on the topic of politics and the media. Again, close friends to Antonio assured us such actions are common for him, and he can “sometimes be like that”

Meanwhile, it seems as if being struck in the head by that equipment has caused Mr. Brown to turn his life around. He is currently finishing his undergraduate degree and vigorously researching neurology, in hopes to contribute to the existing knowledge on head injuries. How can somebody not root for this guy?

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