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"Let Healing Arise" by Breanna Archie

Have you experienced any traumatic event that was so catastrophic that it left

you crippled in such pain and despair? Did this pain become so deeply rooted that you begin to isolate yourself to the point it felt like you were sinking and drowning in darkness? Well I want to let you in a secret you are not alone.

I know that you may feel like nobody understands what you experienced. But I am here to admonish and empower you that your traumatic experience does not define who you are, but it is only a part of your journey in life. I say unto you today to let healing arise in you because yes you can live again. But the power of your healing begins in you. Understand that being silent and in denial of your trauma will only continue to keep you in the bondage of your pain. Realized that you play a role when it comes to the healing of your trauma.

For example, it would be irrational to have the doctor perform surgery on you without having any prior knowledge of your pain. You have to tell your doctor the origin of your pain so your wounds can be healed properly.

Now as you are reading these two questions may arise in your thoughts; Do I know what it's like to experience a traumatic event. and what are the steps to being healed from the wounds of that memory? Well to be very transparent I am not a therapist but I am somebody that has not only survived but has thrived even after trauma. Over 4 years ago I was being bullied because of my weight, and my identity as a Black Woman which caused me to struggle with self-esteem and self- worth. This thrust me into a place of brokenness and shame; I felt abandoned and begin to believe that l was a burden to my family and friends. This led to a 3 year battle of depression and 3 suicide attempts and in my mind, I thought the best option at that time for me to deal with these wounds was for my voice to be silent. But then I began to realize that I had a choice of how much power I allowed this trauma to control my life and also that I have the right to be healed because I am worthy and valued.

Here is some advice that can help you transition into your process of healing from trauma. Acknowledge and be honest that you need the help Do not let your culture/ethnicity stereotypes prevent you from seeking help. Understand that healing takes time; so focus on being consistent and not perfect. Seek a support group in your community that you identify and feel comfortable to make connections. Seek a therapist/ counselor that is tailored to your needs and that you feel comfortable sharing your experience. Have a notebook/journal and write down everything you feel; This will enhance your vulnerability and make it easier to share your expressions. And finally, embrace the process because it is only going to make you better

So I say unto you again don’t allow your trauma hold you in bondage any longer; But to let healing arise and know that yes you can live again because you are valued and worthy.

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