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"Lemonade" by Katherine Breeher

People do not take pictures of the sunset because it's all one color. Where’s the

beauty in monochromatism? People take pictures of the sunset because it is a beautiful

display of all the different colors the sun can make in the sky. It reminds me of

lemonade. Bright, refreshing, citrus, summertime. Pink and yellow. Roses and


He didn’t come in like a storm or a stampede. Not like a thunderstorm or a

monsoon. The kind that comes out of nowhere, grabs you, shakes you around and then

casts you away, leaving you reeling and gasping for breath. It was gentle and slow, like

the fog or a creek. Like the way ice cubes melt in a glass or how the dew on the outside of

it forms and falls. The kind that feels like a smooth dive into a dazzling blue swimming

pool, when the water rolls over your whole body in one piece.

One day I looked at him beside me with brand new eyes. My sunburned skin had

all peeled away and I was left with a new start. The wounds of the past couldn’t hurt me

anymore. So I asked him, “When did you know you wanted me to be yours?”, he said, “I

always did.”

The sky is lemonade and we are lemonade. Just a few simple ingredients. The

sun, the clouds, the sky, a rainbow. Sugar, water, lemons. And just those few things

create the best thing you’ve ever seen or tasted.

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