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"Left Holding the Bag" by Shelby Liddicoey

They rolled up in a black flivver in the rundown part of Illinois. The air was

clear and blue unlike the city around them. The tenements stood shoved together

with little run down vacant shops. She stepped out of the car from the passenger’s

side into the sea of trash and filth. She ignored whatever was scampering across her

foot as she made her way to the trunk of the car. The driver had already made his

way to the trunk by the time she got there.

“It’s too late,” he spoke harshly.

She nodded her agreement the he opened the trunk of the car secretly. Lying

in the trunk was everything they needed. She turned and looked at the old antique

shop next to them. They each grabbed one of the two new shiny Thompsons that lay

inside. He then closed the trunk hastily and she followed him inside.

The store was dreadfully empty and dirty. It felt almost abandoned. He made

his way to the back counter where the only fence able items were held. He slid over

the counter and opened the case as she watched for anyone returning to the store.

She studied him as he took a handful of diamond rings and inserted them into the

right inside pocket of his suit.

The store was the easiest hit they ever had, but then a man walked out of the

employee room just in time to see the couple walking out the door, and the case still

wide open. The man called after the couple, running outside.

“Thief!” The old man yelled after them.

The man turned around showing the Thompson clear as day. “Get back inside

Dapper, I don’t want to hurt you,” he snarled.

The old man at that moment launched himself at the thief. That was his

second mistake.

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