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"Keeping It 100 ; Voters Suppression" by Breana Archie

“The ​Voting Rights Act of 1965​ : prohibits voter discrimination based on race, color, or membership in a language minority group. It also required certain places to provide election materials in languages besides English”

As you all know, it is voting season and we have less than 10 days before our elections take place in our country. This election, in particular, is by far one of the most important in our country's history and our votes are going to determine the direction of our future. But listen y'all, we have to be real; Even though our country implements laws such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965, there are still communities, in particular, BIPOC ( Black Indigenous People of Color) community that are continually being discriminated against from voting. Yes, it’s still happening in 2020 and let’s not pretend that these barriers do not exist. You may ask how is this possible in a land that preaches equality and power to the people right? Well, my readers, this is possible thanks to a systematic tactic called Voter Suppression. Last week the California Republican Party admitted to setting up fake ballot drop boxes in counties such as LA, Orange, and Fresno. Which in case you were not aware that tampering with any ballot box is a felony under the CA’s Election Code 18500. But wait there's more: not only does this party refuse to remove these fake drop boxes, but the General Attorney Xavier Becerra who tried to implement an expedient investigation towards the matter of the party’s involvement was denied by a Sacramento judge this week. Also, citizens in states such as Georgia, Texas, and Florida face up to 10 hours of waiting time to cast their votes. Or how our governmental leadership try to condemn mail-in voting and manipulate the US postal service to work with their nonsense to force those to come out and vote during a pandemic. But once again are surprise; these actions once again validate the cowardness and fear those in power have towards the presence and power of BIPOC communities. All simply because those in power are not ready for changes that will challenge their norm. This also indicates how our political system allows this corruption to take place without holding any accountable. Which reflects how far they are willing to do anything just to maintain their place in power.

So to those who don't have to face aspects of intimidation just to go vote, you are privileged. If these actions do not even offend your moral conscience then ask yourself this question: are you in agreement with those causing the corruption in order to influence the election results? For the past 4 years our country has been losing the essence of its identity due to the people we elected as our leaders whether you agree or not the proof is always in the pudding. I believe for us to be in a place of progress is to take this election seriously and hold those accountable for any fraudulent activity. Because this election is not about whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, or any other political stance. But rather fighting to reclaim the loss of decency within our democracy. So on Nov 3 which side of history will you be on? Will you be on the side to make strides in decreasing the cycles of oppression or continue to enhance it.

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