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"Joy Changed My Name" by Breana Archie

Dear Depression,

Today I announce my emancipation from you. For too long I allowed you to be the master of my well being. I gave you the keys to control and stripped the very essence of who I was. Your ability to grip the inner depths of my emotions made me sickly comfortable yet broken . You were strangely a companion for my loneliness, but yet I still felt alone .The aura of your presence brought death chills to my spine and emptiness within my soul. I was sinking in my own mind of darkness and felt like I had to ask you for permission just to breathe. But today I am no longer your slave. My name has been changed to Joy. This Joy brings a ray of light within my midnight moments. It ushers the source of strength that I thirst for to quench my dry empty places. Every morning Joy rushes a river of peace that fills my heart. It lifts my spirit and dries all of my tears even when the reflection of my scares attempts to deplete the life out of me. Even when the weight of this world may bring heaviness, and death seems like the only option; Joy’s inspiration continues to validate the flame of hope that burns within me. Though everyday is not perfect and I may still feel the lingering of your presence,as long there is breath that dwells in my body,I will yet choose Joy. So Depression I say to unto you this day goodbye. And have one last thing to say; I'm no longer your victim but a warrior that continues to overcome everyday.

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