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Jenna Rodarte's Art Against Sexual Assault

"As a survivor of sexual violence wanted to find a way to illistrate how

both positive and negative touch affects a person."

Since Rodarte was six years old, she has mastered her craft of drawing and other mixed mediums.

"For me art has been away for me to express myself and keep stability in my life."

Rodarte decided to dedicate her pieces to displaying sexual abuse in those she meets.

In her most recent project, she has spoken to survivors of abuse and drawn portraits of each individual while incorporating their personal story into each piece.

"When I started this project, 2 years ago, it was going to be one piece, but now I have made a total of 20 pieces."

"Before this project, I still was unable to comprehend the dilapidated state my abuser left me in."

"Drawing has always been a way for me to cope, but illustrating the stories of friends, family, and even strangers helped to understand my own tramas."

"Showing their stories in art, not as victims but survivors has shown them, and myself, the healing power that art can have."

Check out more of Jenna's work on Instagram @jennarod.art.e.

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