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"It Begins Again" by Kadie Michelle

I stare at a screen for so long

and try to keep my shoulders back

and my eyes from sinking back into their sockets

and we pay so much to be impersonated by

some debt ridden "learner" who leaves with

a paper unlearned

so I ask what are we doing here?

we bite out tongues and swallow our pride

and consume the ideologies and prejudices

of those putting them onto us

and we will never explore whether they were right or wrong

because we don't have the time to rebel against the hand that feeds us,

even when that is our absolute right

and we suffer through biased storytelling

daily as we question where this bias comes from but it's right in front of us

and it walks and taps its feet and doesn't take

into consideration

our previous values and mindsets

when testing us

the respect is

lacking and malnourished

and yet I ask another time

what are we doing here?


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