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Into the Dream-Like World of Laura Elizabeth Design

“Whether it’s an illustration of an old Victorian home, or clouds that I’ve painted onto leaves - I still manage to make my art light and dreamy” - Young

Laura Elizabeth Young grew up local, right here in Sonoma County. Her childhood was filled with her personal creations of fairy houses and surrounded by flowers from her family garden.

Young finds that the “magic” of her childhood imagination and creativity still contributes to her work today. She recalls being “ecstatic” when she learned that art was an elective in middle school and made it a point to continue taking art classes during grade school.

Young’s creations however, have never been limited to an art class, as she filled her school notebooks with “too many flower drawings”.

“I find myself trying to break my own mold and try to create something totally different every now and then, but I always come back to the same pastel color and softness that I’m drawn to”

While Young maintains an ethereal beauty in her work, she is always exploring new ways to bring her art to life. One of the many ways she explores her artistic abilities is through portraits.

“I like to talk to people about the portrait process before I create one for them.”

Young is constantly doing commissioned work such as portraits. Currently during the shelter in place order, Laura has begun to create coloring pages for those who would like to find a different way to keep busy.While her artwork can be purchased through her Etsy shop, her coloring pages are free and can be retrieved through a simple message through Instagram.

To explore more of Laura’s work, snag a couple of coloring pages, and maybe request a portrait, check out her Instagram @laurealizabethdesign

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