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"If it’s any Consolation, Cuba has a High Literacy Rate" by Luke Gover

Earlier this week, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders made favorable remarks regarding Fidel Castro’s regime. These comments have been debated six ways from Sunday on whether Bernie is a loyal marxist, but more interesting is the spring of Cuba’s defense. Not long after the attack on Bernie, cherry-picked statistics highlighted my Twitter timeline. Examples below:

Altogether these seem like convincing arguments to join the Cuban revolution. Except there might be some other important facts/statistics to consider before packing your bags:

-It is estimated almost 150,000 people were murdered under the Castro regime

-Cuba has one of the highest abortion rates in the world, which allows them to tout a low infant mortality rate

-No homeless population? Actually there are multiple accounts from Cubans stating that the government hides the homeless from the cameras. Such as during the Chanel fashion show in Havana. Hopefully policy makers in San Francisco are taking notes.

-Cuba's healthcare is top-notch for everyone except Cubans. It is well known that those visiting Cuba receive far different health care than those who actually live there.

-Cuba’s “lung cancer vaccine” is not the miracle it was made out to be. First, it is not technically a vaccine, and more importantly the, “claims that it has cured thousands of people conflates the total number of people who have been treated with those who have been ‘cured’”

-Food consumption in Cuba has declined by 12 percent between 1954 and 1997, even though its population has increased significantly.

-Education in Cuba leads to indentured servitude. “Those who graduate from college must work for a number of years for the government at a substandard wage of $9 a month”

-There is only one major political party in Cuba, which is shockingly called the Communist Party of Cuba (CPP). This is a strong signal the people of Cuba entirely agree on politics.

-Unlike media in the United States, Cuban media has near complete government control. Allowing for everyone in Cuba to read, watch, hear, and live Communism.

-There are no guarantees to the freedom of speech in Cuba, but that’s not necessary with the complete homogenization of politics.

My apologies if these facts caused Cuba’s fair-weathered fans to halt their plans on traveling to Cuba. Additionally, glorious Cuba has strict laws on who can be a permanent resident. Those with citizenship (which requires one to be born on Cuban soil), those married to a Cuban, or those with children of age in Cuba may become permanent residents.

For those wondering if it is possible for Bernie to point out one good thing that Fidel did without being the poster child for communism, the answer is complicated. Bernie has a deep history with communist regimes, including a video in which he praised the Soviet Union only a few years before it collapsed. During his stint in 2016 he championed “Democratic Socialism” as being utilized amazingly in the countries of Sweden and Denmark. Shortly after his remarks, a former Swedish Prime Minister, and the Danish Prime Minister rebuked any ties to socialism. This is because there is a difference between a country that casts a larger social safety net, and actual socialism. More recently, Bernie refused to call the leader of Venezuela a dictator while simply noting their elections as not so democratic. His past is too entangled with communism to fight tooth and nail for just the mere possibility of one positive outcome under Castro’s regime. With each and every incident it causes one to wonder the senator’s true intentions just a little more.


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