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"How Looters Redeemed their Good Names" by Luke Gover

Go ahead, browse Twitter or Facebook, your favorite news stations, or even read a children's book, and you will never find a story as heartwarming as this. That’s correct! In a time such as ours (infamously known as 2020) this writer from The Flux Magazine manages to point out the silver lining hiding underneath the disease-ridden chaos. First and foremost, it is important to note George Floyd’s death was an absolute travesty, and the police officers involved should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those that chose to peacefully protest or petition should be commended for utilizing their rights. Although without a doubt those that chose to create more evil by looting, burning property, or assaulting others must be held accountable. Of course the bad apples do not represent the entire bunch, but unfortunately their actions do reflect poorly on the greater cause. 

Luckily for this article we were able to look beyond all the hatred and find people who truly had a change of heart. We managed to find a video of a Gamestop in New York that shows people who were once looters becoming good-doers. Seen in the video, someone assisted by lifting up the pesky gate in front of the store, allowing for people to rush back in and nicely place back the items. Luckily, one Flux Magazine reporter was able to get a few witness statements from the scene:

“I ran in with such excitement thinking ‘Finally, I can fight oppression through the power of an Xbox’ as I gleefully grabbed a console. I pushed my way out of the store when I saw some children not able to grab the consoles on the highest shelves. That is when I was struck. The kids. I did it for kids.”

“Honestly I try not to have any original thoughts or ideas these days. Such wild concepts could offend people and might cause me to be cancelled on Twitter. Naturally, I just do as the crowd does. Once I saw everyone putting their items back, I was compelled to do so as well. Hashtag Relatable” 

Yes, they literally said hashtag relatable.

“Looting is the only way I could imagine honoring Floyd. It’s honestly so meta. Then I thought, what if we were to de-loot? I began chatting “loot the loot!” convincing everyone to put the items back. That will surely bring justice in these trying times.”

Well, whatever their reasons, these looters proved that perhaps good does always defeat evil. There is hope for the next generation of freedom fighters after all.

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