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"Here She Comes" by Halle Dana

Spring blows around me,

She runs her fingers through my hair.

On her breath, I smell mead,

Sugary Sweet.

The breeze cools the sweat that gathers

Behind my knees.

This time is a safe little pocket that says:

Please, stay longer.

I run my hands through the yarrow's thick

Stocks, their sap gathers on my fingers.

Tonight, I'll watch the stars like a sighthound.

I'll drink of the waters they lie in.

I'm filling the basin with joy;

I'm bathing in the revelry of watery

sunlight and fruit.

My eyes stream in payment.

Every bird is a visitor, every nest a vision.

I bare my skin to the sun.

The insects sing,

And often, I catch myself humming along.

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