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"Healing: Part 2" by Sophia Davis

She began to rebuild her life. She removed everything that reminded her of him. Over the next few days, her self esteem would slowly begin to rise. In a couple of weeks, she could go out with her friends like she used to. She started telling people what happened without tearing up. In the next couple of months, she started putting more effort into herself. She was finally happy. She was even considering dating again. She was strong and she was fierce. Nothing was stopping her from being the best version of herself. She felt on top of the world, free from the stress of a relationship. From the fear of not knowing what he wanted or what he was thinking. Free from the feeling of never being enough. She thought that nothing would ruin how she felt.

Until he called.

She was shocked to see his name appear on her screen. She never thought she’d hear from him again. She rarely saw him. She thought he was done with her. Just the sight of his name shook her world and made her whole new persona crumble. She slouched down onto the floor and watched the phone as his call came and went. She felt a wave of relief when the phone stopped ringing. 

She wasn’t out of the woods yet. New thoughts entered her mind. Why was he calling? Why didn’t he text her? Was it a mistake? Did he call her on accident? Did he want to get back together? That was the burning question. The question that would keep her up all night long. The question that made her want to reach for her phone in the early hours of the morning when she knew he probably wasn’t awake. She thought she had moved on, but for some reason, he still had his hands around her heart, and right now he was squeezing it as hard as he could. She fought with herself internally. Should she call back? Text him? Should she just act like it never happened? 

She had finally convinced herself not to call and go back to sleep when her phone lit up again. It was a text from him. He missed her. He said that he missed her and regretted ever leaving her. She was shocked. She was heartbroken over him for weeks. She spent so long picking up the pieces of her broken heart. She felt a wave of emotions hit her like a ton of bricks. She wept uncontrollably. She had wanted him to say this months ago, she waited for him. He didn’t come. 

She waited until the morning to respond. She called him. She asked if they could meet somewhere. He agreed. It was hard for her to mentally prepare herself for what was going to happen. She needed to keep a strong front. She dressed like the strong woman she knew she was. She arrived at the coffee shop and waited. He came late, but he was there. 

He told her how happy he was to see her. He told her that she was beautiful. He hugged her and she took in his familiar aroma. She missed this, she missed him. Her heart felt like it was everywhere but where it needed to be. He sat down and they talked

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