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"goodbye with a lowercase “g”" by Katie Silva

She says to me "I am going to see you again. This is not Goodbye."

And this is true grand scheme of things big big picture she will be in my life for so long (our friendship has lasted a decade

no doubt it will stay for another) but it’s still goodbye in this moment.

To this moment.

I will never be here again in this capacity for this long This will never be home again.

Just a hometown.

Somewhere I’m from,

not where I’m living.

It is not Goodbye forever

But it is goodbye right now.

Really, though, Who am I to think about forever? I am too human for such lofty ideals

Only right now is promised Right now is ending The door is closing upon right now

Tomorrow everything will be different.

She will still be part of my life but she will be farther away. This place will be my past, not my present.

Everything will continue even after I leave

and I won't be around to see it.


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