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"Good Friend" by Kajsa Palacios

You said nature metaphors were played-out, and I agreed.

How could I not?

Your power over me was unmatched and unchecked, 

A howling tornado on an Iowan plain.

You told me cats were better than dogs

because they had more dignity

I agreed with my entire clumsy being,

Stumbling over affirmations like a golden shepherd on a polished hardwood floor

You’d wonder aloud about the purpose of God,

“And if he’s even real, dude, like y’know what I mean?”

Your half-cocked attempt at being profound

Had been my naïve soul’s newest revelation. 

You started seeing a girl 

And talked about your first time.

I’d congratulate you and hang on to the details, 

Hiding my envy behind a practiced smile.

You got a scholarship to a school out of state 

And left me in my car at the airport 

With a hug.

Just a hug.

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