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From Canvas to Table Cloths: Ryan Patton's Sustainable Paintings

Born in Honolulu, HI in 1989, Ryan Patton relocated to South San Francisco as an infant. He was introduced to painting and forming art pieces during school as a child.

Greatly influenced by the 90s setting, Patton realized his inspiration behind his career. “I learned to skateboard and snowboard around the same age, which was a heavy influence on my prolonging of a playfully creative, productive, and active lifestyle.”

Impacted by this modish lifestyle, Patton’s skills advanced from painting on white canvases to working with other non-traditional surfaces. “I work formally with table cloths, bedsheets, and other surfaces as a comment on industrial manufacturing and a societal intrigue around repurposing and recycling.”

Using these mediums makes Patton’s paintings a remarkable statement on how sustainability is not only limited to the environment but could further be used to create masterpieces. “I appreciate finding harmony in decorative materials as aesthetic.”

Patton's paintings are characterized by their flush of vibrant colors and distinct personal touches. "A euphoric sense of playful exploration is paramount to each final product."

Patton has recently applied to a master's program in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. He currently works for Gallery 105 in Santa Rosa. If you are interested in seeing Patton's pieces firsthand, he is in multiple exhibits throughout Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, and Petaluma.

For more on Ryan Patton, check out his Instagram @goskateboarding

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