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"Enduring Atlas" by Dimitris Voulgaris

They credit me with an amazing strength

Saying that up hold up the world, your miserable earth But my star struck struggle is far greater

A much more impressive display of my worth

I hold up the very stars themselves

The scintillating cosmos of heaven

But burdening itself in my wide shoulders, still more

Are the hawking eyes of you small brethren

Surely it is heavy and a true curse to hold

My punishment for an old war of attrition

I had stood in the wrong side of that line

Knowing nothing of our greater condition

Present however, the sphere can at least keep me warm From those stars shining a bright consistent heat Enticing me like my mother’s kind bosom

To carry on my tired persistent feat

To further my endeavor, and beg me continue

The cosmos does tickle itself along my spine

With swirling galaxies of near massaging infinities

In a long, jagged, and inconsistent line

The people at my feet point up at constellations

To tell stories of others in my warms stars

Even drawing up some crude pictures

Connecting one to other with made up bars

But they don’t know the weight

Of the heaviness of night

And the shudders they cause me

With every exploding starlight

So one day I’ll drop it and finally be free

And the world will perish ceasing to be

You’ll know of the weight, then you will see

But right now I am the horizon

I hold up the sky

Scared or proud of my work

I will continue to try

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