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"Drowning in the Lake" by William Samuelson

As the sun sets in the sky, the images reflected in the lake become more defined. It is not a cold evening; nor warm; there is not a sound, whisper, nor other presence. She kneels before the lake, her eyes closed, in utter harmony, and then, without a second glance, nor thought nor regret, she rises to her feet, and slowly, methodically, removes her clothes until she is bare. She wads in slowly as the water rises, first to her knees, then her waist, and then her neck. It’s here that she pauses, the second thought finally present; she lifts her head above the water, and lets the moonlight shine upon it. She does not hold her breath, she does not try to stay afloat, she feels not the pain that racks her lungs, as a small fish swims by.

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