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"Dreams" by Sophie Ammerman

I had a dream that you saw me sitting on the bench outside 

You wrapped your arm around me and used your hand as a guide 

To pull me closer to your chest

I hid my quivering smile and clasped the pocket of your overalls 

I uttered a hello and tried to meet your gaze 

I laughed, and I wondered why today

I had a dream that you saw me

and you thought, how beautiful is she

You told me that you saw me the same way

That the water sees the sun

Skirted across the surface of the sea as one bright anthem, searching the depths forever

Until there isn’t any light left to capture 

I had a dream that you wanted me The way that I want you

Like how a person breathes air

Or how a life full of love is rare

You saw the beauty in me and I loved you 

In a way I knew to be true

It isn’t tangible but I still hold you 

As if when I let go you’ll disappear 

Into a cloud of mist like a dream 

I had a dream that you thought about me

A ruminating mist you can barely see

Still it’s there, overstaying its welcome

Your mind is a churning cauldron of thoughts

And I was planted there with consideration or not

I had a dream that a few minutes of my time meant everything 

A swirl of reciprocated soliloquies

Shared amongst pathetic beings in love

I had a dream that I meant anything at all 

The occasional conscious thought or call

 Where a smile wasn’t just a smile

A speckle of reciprocated thought 

Wasn’t in vain for the sake of lust 

And I could see the beauty in myself 

That I saw vicariously in dreams of you

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