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Dimitris Voulgaris Poetry "Ode to a Winged Fool" / "I Saw You" / "Repairs"

Ode to a Winged Fool

Icarus, Icarus! Your wings beat wind and odds Own you flight, legendary flight But beware the world and gods For its comforts are lecherous But ticks against your skin With fangs that suck and bite and drag You back to earthen brim

Icarus, Icarus! Who’s hands run gentle ‘long The clouds so o’ above our heads Reach’d only by our song Not bird not man but strange amongst Those clouds and kingdom blue Know strength and power lies in fear It guards your life from new

Icarus, Icarus! Who sails and beats and all Just like a fool throughout his life Naive, save for the fall Below you see the treasures great A world, from a new perspective But above you bright chariot Will make your flight defective

Icarus Icarus! Ambition’s not your friend It makes you rise but sees you fall To make you meet your end Blame not the the bright persistent sun It’s no no one’s but your fault Against the sea, against your head Ambition makes assault


I Saw You

I saw you

A sparrow at a construction site Fly in on fragile wings and gentle breeze With all that

Grace and beauty, you are known for

I saw you From the other side Of a chain link fence Ran long round The edge of this site Within those walls And perched atop

A neon sign

Not yet finished To read

24 Hour Repairs

You hopped happily along A burning light that Flickered and clicked and lit Beneath your very feet

But noticed not The breaks in the bulb Or the sparks which flew Out from the bulb and onto your perch So you hopped and moved and you lurched On toward that side On top of the sign Unfinished which reads

———— Repairs

I saw you Fall like a fool in love You never could have known The end which you would meet Here at the base Of an unfinished sign In a construction site Soon to read

24 Hour




I walked to the riverbed My sandals sticking to the ground With every step on that Hot gray sidewalk

The violet jacarandas would slide Between my foot’s sole and the leather breach Of my slipping sandal

Until I am there, at its edge

The water does flow Amidst a valley of concrete And I walk careful down to it, The water which flows Dirtied with grime and waste A monument to the asphalt Angeles

I cup my hands beneath the murk And splash it onto my head Running down my brow and my jaw I can feel my face

Wither with its embrace And so I drink

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