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"Dear Black Queen Affirmations" by Breana Archie

You are not a burden, You are not a burden,

Your existence was destined for greatness,

Your shades of melanin were never a mistake, but a blessing kissed from heaven,

Your big lips and hips were never a fashion trend but a originator of beauty, Your roots stem from royalty, even when our ancestors were in chains, Your crown so graceful, it carries a glory that can't be contained,

Your drip is so creative, the style is often imitated but never duplicated , Your intelligence so fierce, it blazes unknown trails to history book,

Your rhythms are such a vibe, it organically manifest joy that dwells within, Your presence so majestic, it literally shifts atmospheres,

So don't you dare change an ounce of who you are,

Even when the storms of life may shake you,

The strength of your roots will hold you in the darkest hour, You are the head and not the tail,

You are above and not beneath ,

You’re beautifully and wonderfully made,

You are a masterpiece,

So I speak life unto you this day, Black Queen arise with your head up high, You are not an ordinary person, You are destined as a Queen

Continue to heal the inner child from those generational curses, And know that you are more than enough to be loved and accepted,

In fact you are perfectly you.

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