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Capturing the Moment with KP: Kaitlyn Purcell Photography

“When I can make someone feel beautiful or confident in themselves, I feel fulfilled.”

Kaitlyn Purcell, born and raised in Southern California, began shooting photography as a freshman in high school. Growing up in the booming social media generation, Purcell quickly took to Instagram to use as a platform for her work. Self-taught and committed, KP’s photography quickly advanced from a hobby to a potential career.

“I started with self-portrait photography to show off how I could capture myself, then I become more intrigued with capturing others.”

As Purcell shifted her lens from herself to others, she found her muse—ordinary people. She believes that a photo could express life in its ups and downs in ways face to face interaction cannot.

“Getting out of your comfort zone is something I push people to do when they work with me which is why I chose to photograph all people who are interested in my work.”

From friends to strangers, Purcell captures it all. “I don’t believe in judging or neglecting someone from a photograph based on their appearance because it is about the beauty within the photo that makes it strong.”

By simply capturing the organic nature of our busy life, her photos expose the depth and sincerity in the ordinary.

“When I can photograph anyone in any situation successfully, then I am being the best photographer I can be.”

For more on KP’s photography, check her out at @k.purcell .

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