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Bewitching and Bold: The Artwork of Juliette Evans

Born and raised in San Diego county, California, Juliette became immersed in drawing as a child. She was influenced and encouraged by her father's artistry yet her passion does not stop there. "I am also a fervent writer, my artwork acts as a form of journaling that draws from my daily experiences, dreams, and loved ones."

"Most of my drawings begin as quick sketches of those around me."

"I love portraying the people and emotions that inspire me by incorporating fantasy and distortion."

"When making art, I attempt to combine my own cathartic processing of feelings with my perception of beauty to capture a subject's likeness, as well as the impact they had on me."

"I enjoy creating detailed drawings with pencil and ink, as well as mixed media pieces with watercolor."

"I'm extremely interested in tattoos, and would love to explore that avenue in the future."

Juliette Evans is currently pursuing an English degree at Sonoma State University and may double major or minor in art studio in the future.

Check more of her work out on Instagram at @faerieallergy .

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