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"August" by Nicholas Brennan

I took a dive into the Sea of 

Darkness. My intent was to drown 

myself in the depths of the waters. 

My tears were hidden in the salty 

brine. I was drowning in the frigid, 

stormy waters and decided that I 

would warm myself in the scorching 

bottom, near the entrance to Hell. I 

lost all sight of light, feeling the pressure 

against my chest as I let out the small breath of air in my 

lungs held. But I found light. I 

created it in myself. As I touched the 

bottom of the ocean, my lungs 

screamed out for air and my eyes 

caught a glimpse of something beautiful, 

something just out of reach. I 

knew that I would not die there at the 

bottom of the sea because out of the 

darkness, as I pushed towards the 

surface, the dim light grew ever stronger. It 

grew enough to let me know that I 

did not need to die in Hell. I 

focused on getting back to the 

surface to breath once more, 

knowing that the surface was 

calm because light must have 

shown through a cloudless sky. I 

held it all together as I breached the glassy ocean surface and sucked in

life-giving air. I am grateful for what it gave me.

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