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"America, Enough is Enough!" by Breanna Archie

“The very serious function of racism is a distraction. It keeps you from doing your work. It

keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being” (Toni Morrison).

I know in our country we are living in uncertain and troubled times because of the pandemic.

But as many of us are continuously being aware and creating solutions towards decreasing the presence of the coronavirus. There is another pandemic that has always been present but yet lacks a remedy because it’s patients have been ignored. A virus so cancerous and deadly, when it spreads it suffocates and stripes the inner soul of its victims. This, my readers are called systematic racism and this system has continued to produce genocide and trauma towards the Black, Brown, and Native American communities for many generations. For too long America has been in denial and ignorant from even recognize what I called the “ 2 Original Sins” in this country; Which are Stolen Indigenous Land from Native Americans and Balck and African American Slavery. One of the aspects that are produced from systematic racism is Police Brutality aka “Modern Day Lynching”. Do these names sound familiar Martin, Rice, Brown, Gardner, Bland, Gray. ..These are the victims of this corruption and for too long Blacks and African Americans in this country have to deal with the oppressors implementing violence as a way of domination and control. Which continues to implement the narrative that Whites are the superior race and can get away with abusing their power.

Sadly for the past few months, this abuse was violently displayed through the tragic murders of Ahmed Aubrey, Breonna Taylor, and recently George Floyd last Monday. What makes this even more tragic is we have incompetent and broken leadership in our country that still tries to dismiss the seriousness of these crimes. These same leaders also try to justify the actions of those who committed the murders; Which in a way these cases continue to showcase how this corrupt system benefits those who have access to power and privilege but fails those of the oppressed. In particular, Floyds’s murder disturbed me and my family like never before. I have 4 brothers and seeing Floyd on the ground being lynched, was like seeing them on the ground gasping for air. What made this even more tragic was when Floyd repeatedly yelled “ I can’t breathe” and calling his mother while dying within the last 8 minutes and 46 seconds of his life. I could not help but wail in deep pain and agony because through his yells for life, I could hear my ancestors yelling and wailing within their souls trying to gasp the breath of their freedom while yet being suffocated from hands of their master. As a Black woman, I never thought I would see in my lifetime what my grandparents and my great grandparents went through 60-70 years ago. My brothers and sisters in this community should not have to feel like we are living in 2 different America’s. So I say on this day Enough is Enough!!! My people are sick and tired of having to ask our country to validate our pain and existence as human beings. My people are tired of having to ask you for permission towards having basic human rights. My people are tired of America making false and unkept promises towards implementing restitution from 400 + years of slavery. My people are tired of having to turn the other cheek when you kill one of our own. My people are tired of seeing a lack of accountability from those in power who commit these racial hate crimes. My people are tired of America loving and mimicking our culture but killing our identity. My people are tired of those saying “All Lives Matter” if all lives matter there will be no reason to create the Black Lives Matter Movement. So we will continue to protest and saying their names because this next generation should not have to fear that their own identity will have them killed.

And if we want America to be the “land of the free” and “the home of the brave”; It’s time to

acknowledge the inequalities the Blacks and African Americans go through every day in this

country. Also with conversations comes accountability by electing people that will implement

public policy that ensures equity and justice for people in similar circumstances. So I say this

again Enough is Enough and America it’s time for you to get your knee off our necks.

Black Lives do matter.

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