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"Alternative Summer" by Ty Zeanah

over a universe ago, we had mouths like blood oranges. rubied flesh pressed and dripping through our teeth with sticky promises rolling down our chins and onto our cotton t-shirts. those oversaturated tongues bursting with old memories, drenched in citrus. salt and lime around the rim of every cut, better to remember what hurts before it can sting again. chapped lips thirsty for the glass of dandelion wishes i left back home in the untended garden. bright tangerine veins exploded with cherry blossoms to show where your hands peeled my body back in the daylight, beneath the trees. when the sun finally set, i tried to catch the pink clementine colors in my cupped hands, but i was too late, and had no voice to say goodbye with. we got drunk that day and forgot whether we were having an afternoon picnic or holding a funeral in july; either way we laid down next to the headstones covered in ivy and closed our eyes, half-eaten fruit littered on the ground like a crime scene.

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