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A Budding Artist: Safira Wulfsberg-Gesmundo

"My process has always just happened in the moment-- all of a sudden there is a completed work in front of me."

Originating from Lake Tahoe, California, Safira spends much of her time outdoors. Inspired by nature, she is a lover of the environment and all adrenaline pumping activities that it offers.

From archery and bow hunting to backpacking and snowboarding, Safira has a passion for nature, but even more so for art.

"Drawing, painting, and sculpture has always been an escape for me."

"No matter what burdens or barriers life has thrown at me, I have always been able to center myself by putting down a piece of paper and just letting my mind wander onto the page."

"I have never thought beforehand about what I am going to create."

"I have never shared my art with a lot of people. Normally I will create something and then shove into a drawer until someone happens to ask me about it and I will take it out of the darkness."

"But I hope that at least someone who sees my work will feel inspired or connected somehow, even if it just makes them stop for a couple of seconds."

Safira Wulfsberg-Gesmundo aims to be a Game Warden and graduate from Sonoma State University with a Criminal Justice studies degree in the following spring.

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