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"A Bee’s Hypocrisy" by Sophie Ammerman

The boisterous bee barrels himself

Into the translucent barrier before him

His wings fluttering with fervent animosity

Stopping for just a moment each time he catches the glass

He buzzes angrily, slamming his body bitterly over and over

Until he believes Death will only provide a gust of Wind to bring him into His barren heart

His belligerent nature blinds him 

To see the beautiful Sun through the open door beside him

He only sees what barriers lie before him

So he can seek blame for his bereft body

His brazen audacity propels him toward the glass again

For the last time he flies with his bumptious wings and falls, 

almost entirely lifeless, onto the window sill 

The Wind picks up, and carries his bedraggled body

To the doorstep with blithe curiosity

The Sun beams down on his weak body

Providing a bright freedom that the bee missed

He grimaces as he recognizes my face 

a bright star he can’t fathom to be above him 

A Sun with warmth he doesn’t recognize

He writhes to be free of my bewitched strength

My powerful energy that tries to revive his helpless body 

I had found him inches from Death’s grasp

He looked up at me and used what energy I gave him

To say “what did I do to deserve this?”

He stung me before he died peacefully

For he got his dying wish

Of blaming someone for his transgressions

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