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"2020/2021" by Katie Silva

2020 has become

the year without holidays.

St Patrick’s Day slipped by

then it will be Easter

my birthday

Mother’s day will come and go

and suddenly summer-

  Will my sister even feel the last day of school?

2020 has become

the year of flowers, blossoming unseen

because no one is outside

It is springtime

for the birds

for the trees

   not for us.

2020 has become

the year without people.

My best friend’s excited voice over the phone

rings tinny in comparison to real life

My classmates type out their ideas

our debate no longer ebbs and flows

My lover and I say goodbye

for who knows how long.

2020 has become

the year of being home.

we each have a newfound appreciation

for our walls on which to hang pictures

we each have new cause to think about

those living paycheck to paycheck

what it means to miss the next stone in the path

and fall into the water

2020 has become

the year of learning

how little the powerful people

care about the rest of us.

the year of those with some privilege

learning to hear those with less.

the year that maybe we understand

our world can change.

2021 will be a year of hugs.      never again touch starved   we will learn to embrace everyone. 2021 will be  the year of a newfound appreciation of walking amongst friends, talking in the sunshine, or at a favorite place. 2021 will be the year we come back to the earth. the year we say no to  decisions that don’t benefit us yes to basic human rights for all. the year we question prisons and cops and how little people make in an hour the year we rebuild what is slowly crumbling before our eyes make a world where we don’t keep each other down make something worth being proud of 2020 we watch bees out the window, envious, of their easy movement and rewarding work. 2021 we create hives for our communities share food amongst real and chosen families bounce into lavender bushes happy.

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