About Us

We often read stories as black or white. We give you the grey.

Flux Magazine was founded in 2019 by current Editor-in-Chief, Noelle S. Dahl, to utilize her fellow students’ academic freedom by offering college students the opportunity of self platforming. We believe in a higher education which teaches us to frame our own beliefs, not for our judgments to mimic that of our professors. Our mission is to encourage political debate on college campuses so we could converse empathetically and exchange political ideologies.


Our publications do not stop at political dialogue, however. Flux Magazine too commemorates passionate students by publishing art, poetry, and prose. Our editors consistently accept submissions and take pride in selecting appropriate and aesthetic content for each issue. Flux welcomes submissions from students and staff who have no access to any other outlet. Please do not hesitate to submit inquiries, letters of interest, or anonymous submissions at any time. Best of luck! 

Who are we?

Noelle S. Dahl  — Editor in Chief | noellesdahl@gmail.com

Emma Landry  — Prose Editor | Emma.rose.landry@gmail.com

Emma Briseño  — Poetry Editoremmsbriseno@gmail.com

Jeffrey Aviña  — Editorial Assistant | Avina.jeff@gmail.com 

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